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Sot Media is owned and run by Simon Gould a full time internet marketer from his home. Simon's been making websites for around 5 years and all sites are made extremely cheaply using cheap software for less than $100. All it takes is a bit of patience and anyone can do this.

He does this full time since January 5, 2009. This has increased the work rate tremendously and has been a godsend in many aspects of life. Making websites that make money is so convenient because your website will keep making money whether you update it or not (although products change over time).

Although based in London all sites are built targeting the USA only as it's income source. This is because there are over 220,000,000 internet users in the USA while there are around 40,000,000 in the UK. This represents a massive difference in markets but maybe a hindrance where language and customs are concerned.

Currently Sot Media is a way of presenting my portfolio, if you have any sites you want me to create or have any work you want to discuss then please fill in the form at the contact page.

There are a few meanings for the word "sot". One is in the media it's used when a segment contains "sound on tape". The other is an old English word for a habitual drinker. We'll let you draw your own conclusion as to the one that influenced the decision to use it.

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