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Anytime Fitness Twickenham Review

Entrance to Anytime Fitness Twickenham

I've been a member for 8 months so I thought I'd give the gym a review


I was interested in joining a gym because I've always liked to keep fit and after struggling for money I heard that Anytime is a bit cheaper than most. So I find their website easily online and there is an email option. I sent them a message saying I was interested and asked what the prices were (I'll mention them below). They sounded reasonable to me so I emailed back to arrange for someone to show me round. I decided to get a time that I would typically attend the gym so I could see how busy it is when I'd normally go.

I was shown around and it had exactly what I'm after, it wasn't too busy, it had a treadmill and bathroom facilities. It had a lot else but all I ever use is the treadmill and a shower afterwards. For all those interested it has the following equipment:

  • 6 treadmills
  • 6 cross trainers
  • 3 rowing machines
  • 4 exercise bikes
  • 7 spin bikes
  • Weight bearing machines for every muscle including a cable machine
  • Free weights and benches

The facilities are a water fountain (very important) and 5 bathrooms which are each self enclosed, I quite liked this after a while because you get your privacy so you can take your time and no one gawps at you. There are hair dryers outside the bathrooms next to mirrors. There is a large studio which never seems to be used much (maybe it's the time I go). There is no pool or accompanying spa facilities like a sauna or steam room which is expected in a center of town gym and it helps keep the price down. It's only about a one minute walk from Twickenham railway station and is serviced by loads of buses.

The price

At the time of joining which was November 2016, the monthly cost of membership was 39.99. The annual cost was 451.00 paid in advance which is what I went for. This works out at 10% off for paying in one go up front. I'm glad I asked if there was a cheaper way to pay as I had savings so paying in one go for the year was not a problem.

They say they have around 1,500 members but it never seems to be very busy. Their facebook page has over 4,000 likes and follows so I'm surprised there aren't more members. They said to me at joining that they like welcoming members as other leave so people always join on the 1st of every month.

Upon joining I signed the usual contract and was given a quick induction around the gym. I had my picture taken and was allocated a key fob. This is what you need to enter the gym especially at times when the club is not being staffed. I was also shown the security systems in place for when there are no staff like an emergency phone and cameras should they ever be needed.

My experience

I was told the busiest days were Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The busiest times, obviously, are after work from 5pm and before work on the week days. I attend the gym from 3pm to 4pm and get changed for my usual treadmill run. I started from zero fitness when I joined so I built up using a walk/run routine. I've now built it up over several months to running for an hour a day most days a week! The gym is never busy when I go and this is especially the case when I've been on the weekend!? Where these members are and when they go I have no idea.

The atmosphere is very sociable, while I run I can always hear people talking and laughing. This is especially the case where the free weights are. I can often hear a lot of grunting as people try to push those weights which can be quite amusing. The treadmills face the busy street so I've always got people walking past, I saw one person in a suit walk past with an inflatable guitar, very strange. Police cars whiz past with their sirens on (it's near the police station). There are always people coming onto the treadmills next to me. I see them hop on and hop off while I do my hour.

I always find a vacant bathroom when I enter the gym. 99% of the time I find a bathroom when I finish my workout to have a shower afterward. And this can be at 5pm sometimes, I have waited once or twice but never for long. The water fountain is always full of lovely cold water when I need it. There is a vending machine with various drinks including the whey protein varieties as well as posh water. I arrive keen to do my workout, I enjoy it while I'm there. I refresh myself with a shower and I leave invigorated after my enjoyable run. Also the music they have on is very good.

The staff

The staff are amazing and I think they enjoy working there which is always a plus for the clients. I do feel for them sometimes because I don't see them doing many personal training sessions and I expect they're all qualified. I suppose that's to be expected with a cheaper gym. While I'm running they diligently clean the treadmill and equipment around me which is good to see that care is taken of the machines. There are wet wipes as well for the sweaty of us who embarrassingly sweat over the machines to help us clean our body fluids from the surfaces.

There is a blackboard at the entrance for the staff to tell us about any offers or news we might like to hear. They also encourage us to write things down on them we might like to tell others or some inspirational quote. One goer had some spare Adele tickets they wanted to sell and wrote that on the board with the price of the tickets and their phone number. You just don't get that at any other gym. A real sense of community and that we're all important.

The staff really do make the most of their work. They add a community to the gym and encourage everyone to take part. They upload many videos to their facebook page with what they're doing and how the gym goer's can take part or help. They took part in a local tug of war competition. They organised a rounders tournament at the local park and everyone was welcome. They made smoothies for everyone at the reception area of the gym. Currently they are asking everyone for used unwanted plastic bottles so they can enter a raft competition in the local area.


I'm very pleased I've joined and will probably continue the membership for another year.

I'd give this gym 5 stars out of 5 and would encourage anyone to enquire about joining if you're tempted, you won't be disappointed.

Here are some of their details:

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