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I've made a lot of sites and had a lot to say. The thing is I've never had somewhere I could say them. These articles are just what I want to write when I want to express something. It may be important or it may not, I just feel I'd like somewhere to express my musings out loud so here it is. I write a lot of words on my sites and here are not the words I'm being paid for but the words of my mind.

Anytime Fitness Twickenham Review - This is a review of my local gym. I go there nearly everyday to make myself fit and lose weight. It's at the centre of town and I thought I would relay my experience of joining and using the gym for anyone else who might want to join. I say what the price is, the equipment available and what the staff are like. Hopefully this is a comprehensive guide to what Anytime Fitness Twickenham is like.

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