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This is another site created in 2007 and was trying to catch on the trend of diet food delivery and their services in the USA. They are ideal in that all the food you need to eat for weight loss is delivered, therefore you follow the diet by eating only the food you're provided with and you lose weight. The trick for most however is sticking to the plan as it leaves you with a calorie deficit which some may find difficult to maintain.

The theme is a green one reminiscent of the green dieting section of the very first site. The site was designed to be the portal you need for the diet food delivery where there are sections that describe what's it's all about and how it could help. These pages are above the reviews of the services which are the monetized pages. The reviews are each around 1000+ words plus and serve as a guide to how they may benefit.

The site ranks well and has sitelinks in Google. The niche is now saturated but fortunately maybe due to timing this site has retained it's rankings. There have been problems when merchants totally re brand their product and give it a different name but the site has rode through that. It's only monetized with affiliate links and does ok.

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