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eDiets Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery

One merchant I currently deal with changed their brand and main product entirely. This caused mayhem for my other sites that promote them so there was just one thing to do. Create a totally new site about the newly branded product. They say in affiliate marketing the best thing you can do is attach yourself to a new trend and be the first to promote it. The idea being that you're likely to make a lot of money being the first mover.

I made this site using the color scheme of the merchant but being very careful not to copy the merchant or trying to be the merchant in the eyes of visitors. So I made it clear that I was promoting the merchant and used the merchant images as supplied for their affiliates in the site. The result is what you see and it took around 2 days to make.

The site ranked very well first until Google decided it wouldn't rank keywords in a domain very highly anymore in a major update of theirs. This is a shame because the conversion rate of the site is the highest we've ever come across. The site remains online and has paid for the domain renewal however the merchant will probably brand itself again by next year so it's days are numbered.

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