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After the success of Shoe Brands and it was a success making around $3,000 per year which for a months work is good. I have better websites but if every website I made made that much I'd be laughing. I decided to use the same merchant I used for Shoe Brands because people will just buy anything when they get to that store. They're one of my highest earning merchants and the relationship is great.

I decided to make this one an html site basically to copy Shoe Brands but also for the ranking benefits over wordpress for niche sites. WordPress puts too many pages too deep in navigations so they don't get their chance to rank that high. All of the handbag brands have been listed along the left side. This creates a bit of a wall of navigation but then I don't really care how people navigate. I just want them to arrive at an internal page and buy.

I've decided to add adsense to this site as the clicks to the merchant was high but the sales were low. This means I'm getting traffic to this website but it doesn't convert. Who'd have thought buying shoes online would convert better than handbags. Certainly not me that's for sure. Shoes can not fit whereas a handbag nearly always will to your liking at least. I like the color scheme and logo on this but think they might be too bright but hey, what can you do.

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