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Jogging For Beginners

This site was created due to another site of ours ranking number 1 on Google for the term "jogging for beginners". We thought it would be interesting to see if we can get a generic phrase like that to make money. We have some knowledge about jogging and running so this knowledge can be used in this site as can the running shoe knowledge gained in another site.

So the color scheme was chosen and the site was created. As usual it's the simplest layout with navigation on the left and content on the right. We've tried to give as much information as we can combined with content pages containing affiliate links. Some professional images were used which we had to pay for separately and these look so good that it's something we're going to incorporate in a lot more sites in the future.

The site get a lot of visitors but as can be expected with a generic phrase the conversion rate is quite low. However we think this experiment was a success and shows you can make money with just about any phrase. People tend to stick top the first 3 pages and there aren't any affiliate links in those so some adsense was used to monetize them.

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