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Due to a real passion for the London radio station LBC Radio a fan site was created. LBC Radio is the first ever London commercial radio station and has been on the air waves since 1973. It remains popular to this day having gone though various owners through the years. It was the first media reporting of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the UK when the LBC New York reporter who lives near the towers phoned the station and made the terrible announcement while the attack was taking place.

The site is a very simple site because the radio station is a speech radio station. The design is that there should be no pictures because you don't get that when listening to the radio. In order to maintain the appeal with no images there are various trivia points about each of the presenters which the internal pages describe. Some of the callers also get some of their own pages and one of those has gone on to make a career in TV and theatre.

The site ranks high for a variety of phrases and gets about 100 visitors a day. This has remained the case even though it's information is now out of date and yearns for an update. The pages have links from Wikipedia as a reference source and the site has been quoted within Wikipedia. The site has other powerful links and remains online for that reason.

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