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The affiliate business has been up and down ever since Google released their attack on affiliate websites. They preyed upon websites that had similar wording throughout the site and ones that had datafeeds. The datafeeds didn't bother me, anyone who thought they were going to succeed forever were deluded and I thought that way back in 2005. We need original websites with good content and that is what Professional elliptical reviews is for me. Is it the last try? Maybe.

Is it modeled on an already successful website in the niche? Yes a little bit but it's different enough to see that it doesn't copy it. I've used unique content as always but this time I've shown my expertise. You didn't need to show this before but now you do so that people can trust the information you're giving them. I've applied this on the about page especially. I still think it's a bit rushed but we'll just have to wait and see.

This has taken me a good month and a half to build and I'm still not really confident about it. I like the design and I've explained the ellipticals really well. I could have used a few more tables on the home and the about page. I'm silly really because these are probably the most important pages when building trust. However I've created a link to my Google + profile from every page and the about page gives my whole experience in the field of elliptical trainer reviews so I reckon it may do ok. As I'm fond of saying, only time will tell.

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