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Running Shoe Types

Running is a real passion so it was only natural that a running shoe site be made. It matches the general niches we always go for and it was worth a try to see if we could get some visitors in this niche. The niche is very small as the site is only about the types of running shoes and who would benefit by those running shoes.

The design is much like all the other sites in that navigation is on the left and content is on the right. A professional logo wasn't used just a desk top publishing program for the site name. A lot of work was done to research for the keywords that would be beneficial for the success of the site. Unfortunately the design didn't get the same amount of effort.

The site ranks ok and has managed to get some natural links from external sites without them being asked for. This is the benefit of going really niche and if you're the only site in that niche and someone wants to quote a reference source then you become that reference source. The site does ok but unfortunately there's no possibility of expansion with such a niche domain name. It'll just have to stay as it is.

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