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This site was developed due to the merchant having a fantastic conversion ratio and a great dependable store for this niche. The niche is women's shoes and must be the busiest sector. Certainly more so than men's shoes let's face it. The site is written by a man so we're struggling with empathy and enthusiasm with content writing. However when the money starts flowing it makes you pretty enthusiastic about any niche.

The sites design is quite heavily borrowed from another with some design changes. Also the site targets America being a .us domain and the niche is different to the other site. The logo is there to try and get the point across that this is a girl's store and is a more designer contemporary logo. The links and titles colors are to match the logo.

The ranking is poor at the moment and we believe we know the reasons which will resolve by themselves in a month or two's time. Also the ranking may suffer due to having an affiliate link so far up the page. This maybe ok sometimes for PPC traffic and targeting but for organic rankings it's too aggressive as information is what Google rewards the most so an affiliate link high on the page should be avoided. Avoided it will be with a little tweak here and there.

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