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I thought I'd make a website about my hobby running. Specifically running on a treadmill. Everyone thinks it's boring but I absolutely love it. So what better way to express my love than a website. I've made the theme very minimalist and helpful to my readers. There are new pages for people to look at down the bottom so hopefully people will enjoy clicking around a lot.

Since I have a lot of experience in this hobby which includes working at various stores in their treadmill department and running many races. I have a unique viewpoint where I can give very detailed advice. Because it's what I know. I will be adding to this website by about 2 pages a day hopefully while I keep visiting the gym to use the treadmill. I will be updating the my progress page with my runs so hopefully that will become popular.

I'm very pleased with this website so I hope it does well. I hope it gets lots of visitors. I don't really care if it makes money or not. This site really is a hobby for me at the moment - I shall be going back to proper work soon. At least my running will never be affected and it's something I can always do.

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